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Sunny Health & Fitness 41″ Portable Rebounder Review

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Have you caught the rebounding bug? Do you want to take advantage of the many health benefits of rebounding without breaking the bank? Rebounding allows you to work out the cardiovascular system without hurting your joints. However, when you start searching for mini trampolines or rebounders, you will find that there are either expensive options or no-name brands that are unlikely to last more than a few months. The Sunny Health & Fitness 41 inches portable rebounder hits the sweet spot as you get the quality you want without sweating about the price.

Not many people may be aware of this brand, but you should know that Sunny Health & Fitness has been in existence for more than a decade. They specialize in fitness equipment and sell everything related to fitness such as cycle bikes, treadmills, rebounders, kettlebells and a variety of other fitness equipment. They are known for high-quality products at affordable prices and this particular rebounder is no exception.

Key Features

Sturdy Steel Frame

The steel frame of this Sunny mini trampoline is tough and reliable. It remains stable and holds the jumping surface tightly. With proper care, it should last several years. As far as the jumping surface is concerned, it has a diameter of 29.5 inches giving you enough room for all kinds of workouts. There are a total of 30 bungee cords that keep the jumping mat straight and bouncy.

The steel frame is covered with additional padding to keep the jumpers safe. Also, the steel ring is a single piece. When you take a look at some of the other products in a similar price range, you’ll find that they are made of 3 or 6 sections that need to be assembled together. This single-piece design ensures better structural integrity and you will also feel safer when jumping on it.

Lightweight and Compact

This fitness trampoline is extremely lightweight at just 13.9 pounds which means you won’t have a hard time moving it around. Also, it is relatively compact in size, and storing it shouldn’t be a problem.

Durable Legs

The steel frame is supported by 6 strong legs that are 10 inches in height. There are rubber grips at the end that keep it stable and prevent slipping. As far as the weight rating is concerned, it is designed for a maximum weight of 220 pounds.

Bounce Quality

The most important thing that matters in a rebounder is the bounce quality. The Sunny Health & Fitness rebounder comes equipped with a total of 30 bungee cords whereas similarly priced mini trampolines typically have only 15 bungee cords. The jumping mat is made of high-quality polypropylene material. With proper care, this mini trampoline should last you a long time.


Most of the product comes pre-assembled including the bungee cords and you don’t have to fiddle with tools to assemble the product. Almost all the other bungee cord-based products require you to spend a few hours assembling the product but there is no such hassle with this particular rebounder. The package also contains 2 extra bungee cords as well as an installation tool. Minor assembly is required and you’ll find it easy to assemble the product with the help of detailed instructions in the product user manual which is available in English as well as Spanish.

Steel Hooks

Another factor that takes this particular rebounder a notch above similarly priced alternatives is the steel Hooks. Most of the products in this price range come equipped with plastic hooks for bungee cords and those plastic hooks break down after a short period of time but there are no such issues with steel hooks.


The steel frame has a one-year warranty and all the other parts and components come with a 180 days warranty.

Affordable Price

One of the best things about the Sunny Health and Fitness exercise trampoline is that you get all these great features at an affordable price. Generally, alternatives in this price range are of poor quality and typically break down within a few weeks or months. This particular product is an exception. It offers excellent bounce and with proper maintenance, it should last several years. In short, you get excellent value for money with this mini-trampoline.

Quiet Bouncing

It doesn’t produce much noise when you are bouncing on it. There are no squeaking noises and you can even watch TV when bouncing.

What We Like/Don’t Like


  • The steel frame is a single piece making it more reliable and stable.
  • There are a total of 30 bungee cords giving it that excellent bounce. Products in a similar price range typically have less than 20 bungee cords.
  • It has a jumping diameter of 30 inches and the steel frame is around 41 inches in diameter giving you a lot of bouncing surface for all kinds of workouts.
  • There are steel hooks in the frame for attaching bungee cords. Similarly priced products typically have plastic hooks that break down within a few weeks.
  • It is lightweight and has a compact design.
  • It comes with a maximum user weight rating of 220 pounds making it perfect for almost everyone in the family.
  • You also get access to the workout videos on the product website.
  • Most of the product comes pre-assembled.
  • It is available at an affordable price and offers excellent value for money.


  • Some buyers have received a product that does not have an even finish.
  • Weight limit could be better
  • Stitching is underwhelming

Is the Sunny Health & Fitness Portable Rebounder Right for You?

Sunny Health & Fitness is headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in fitness equipment and sell dozens of products in the fitness space for home use including treadmills, cycle bikes, kettlebells, and rebounders. They are a well-known brand and known for durability and reliability at an affordable price.

The Sunny 41″ rebounder (available at Amazon) offers excellent bounce and comes almost completely pre-assembled. You also get 2 extra bungee cords with the package. With a jumping surface of around 30 inches, you will be able to perform all the workouts you can think of. There is a total of 30 bungee cords that attach to the steel frame through steel hooks. The quality of materials is good and it is likely to last a long time if you take proper care of it. What makes it really stand out is its price. Most buyers are happy with the product as they are able to get a premium quality product at such an affordable price.

If you have been searching for a lightweight and high-quality rebounder that allows you to exercise in the comfort of your home without breaking the bank, the 41 inches portable rebounder from Sunny Health & Fitness is the perfect choice for you.