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Tomasar Foldable Mini Trampoline Review

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A rebounder is one of the best home workout equipment you can buy. Fitness trampolines offer a great way to get low impact aerobic exercise when compared to other methods. It is especially helpful for those who suffer from joint discomfort or pain that typically comes with other forms of aerobic exercise. Luckily, it offers all of the cardiovascular benefits you would get from similar exercise including running on a treadmill. If you are looking to experience some of the many benefits that a rebounder/mini trampoline can offer, the Tomasar Folding Mini Trampoline has a lot to offer. Read our review below to find out how it can help you on your quest for fitness.

Our Review

Build Quality

Whenever purchasing any sort of home workout equipment, you want to take a look at the overall build quality. The Tomasar rebounder is made up of polypropylene (PP) mesh which is extremely durable. The legs and frame are made out of alloy steel. Therefore, you are getting a trampoline that can withstand a load weight of up to 300 pounds. With this rebounder, you shouldn’t have any concerns with the build quality holding up over time.


Putting together various home gym workout equipment might be a daunting task that keeps you from buying it. Luckily, Tomasar made this mini trampoline extremely simple to assemble. The design is easy and convenient to put together. It doesn’t require any additional tools to set up. Therefore, you will be able to assemble it right out of the box with minimal effort.


As with any trampoline, you want to ensure it will be safe to use. This trampoline comes with edge security as it features thick oxford cloth to protect the user from both the metal frame and the springs. This can keep you from getting cut if you happen to fall on the outer edges of the trampoline.

What We Like

Suitable For Indoor or Outdoor Use

If you are looking for a rebounder that is going to be versatile enough to use both indoors and outdoors, this would be a good purchase. This trampoline features a strong spring design which makes it an excellent option to use even while on grass or outdoors. The unit features 40 stainless steel springs with a 40 inches wide steel frame. Therefore, you are getting springs that can hold up in virtually every condition. As mentioned, the trampoline is capable of holding up to 300 pounds.

Space-Saving Design

Having home workout equipment that is effective typically comes at a space premium. Having to forfeit valuable space to house various home workout equipment is one of the things that a lot of people fear. After all, a rebounder can take up a lot of space when it’s in use. Luckily, this rebounder comes with a space-saving design. The mini trampoline can be folded into a very compact and portable package. This means that you will be able to use the trampoline during your intended workouts without sacrificing space when it’s not being used. This alone makes it worth considering even if your workout space is limited. Also, the easy to fold design makes storing the trampoline a breeze.

Handrails Can Be Used

Unlike some of the other rebounders, this one comes with an adjustable handrail that can be moved anywhere from 32 inches to 35 inches. This will offer even greater stability for those who are looking for it. The handrail itself is padded for exercises that require sturdy and comfortable gripping.

Safety Features

As with any trampoline, the safety features are an important part to consider. After all, some trampoline manufacturers leave the springs exposed which can create major safety concerns. Because of this, you should be looking for a trampoline that has built-in safety features within its design to ensure that the user will be safe at all times. Luckily, this trampoline features a thoughtful edge design with a built-in security guard for (you) the user. The edge has a thick cloth material made of oxford which is sufficient at covering up the springs and the alloy steel frame.

Easy To Assemble

You won’t need any additional tools or accessories to get this mini trampoline installed and ready to use. If you are worried about having to pull the trampoline out of the box and have to put in hours for installation, that’s not a concern with the Tomasar Foldable Mini Trampoline Rebounder.

What We Don’t Like

Only Comes In Two Colors

Luckily, the price to performance is incredible with this trampoline. If there is one thing we can nit-pick it would be the color variations it comes in. You only get to choose from red or green. While this isn’t going to alter the usability or performance you get from the mini trampoline, it’s something to consider.

Overall – Is It Worth Buying?

If you are looking for a mini trampoline priced affordably, the Tomasar Foldable Mini Trampoline (available at Amazon) might be your ticket. The rebounder ticks a lot of the boxes you would want out of a rebounder. Not only does it feature durable and high-quality construction, but it comes with a user-friendly installation and a space-saving design. All of these things add up to create value-packed home workout equipment that can deliver real-world results with consistent use. The trampoline itself is incredibly easy to use and it can offer excellent aerobic workouts without the fear of stress injuries and discomfort that comes with other types of aerobic workout equipment. With this trampoline being priced so competitively, it’s a good buy for anyone.