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The Health Benefits of Trampolines

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At the mention of trampolines, the first thing that comes to mind is often kids, fun and birthday parties. What is often forgotten is that there are different types of trampolines that can provide an effective way for adults to keep fit, as well. Not many fitness routines can claim to exercise the entire body, but that is exactly what trampoline exercises do best.

Referred to as a rebounding exercise, it is so effective that a NASA study found that a person working out for one hour on a trampoline will burn more calories than a jogger, running for the same duration. For individuals on a weight loss mission, the trampoline provides the platform to burn excess calories at a faster rate.

Why are Trampolines Healthy?

The up and down movement created when jumping on a trampoline flexes and relaxes all 638 muscles in the body. In the process, the entire muscular system is toned and each cell in the body releases healing and rejuvenating properties. Jumping increases your metabolic rate, which means calories are burned faster without exerting too much effort.

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You don’t need a personal trainer with a trampoline. It automatically works every muscle in your body.

Health Benefits

Increases oxygen intake and lung capacity

In the NASA study previously mentioned, trampoline exercise sessions showed that jumping aided in the circulation of oxygen throughout the body. A body with a sufficient flow of oxygen in its system develops a higher immunity level against diseases. Most disease-causing germs, bacteria and rogue cells cannot survive in an environment with high levels of oxygen. This also means that regular trampoline exercises help your body to develop a strong resistance against colds, cases of flu, and other illnesses. Furthermore, the lungs also benefit as they expand, to better provide your body’s cells with ample amounts of oxygen.

Body detoxification

The lymphatic system in your body is a great beneficiary of trampoline exercises. This is the system responsible for ejecting toxins from your body. Since we live in dangerous times, where pollution is on the rise and it finds its way through the air we breathe and the food and water we consume; it is necessary for our bodies to get rid of the toxins to maintain good health. If not expelled from the body, these toxins can cause frequent sickness, and in serious cases, cancer.

With the help of trampoline exercises, the lymphatic system effectively functions when there is vigorous body movement. The rebounding exercise found in trampolines acts as a pump to lymph fluid movement, facilitating body detoxification.

Strong bone formation

Diagram of human skeletonMaintaining a healthy bone mass and density is important to the overall well-being of the body. Bones become stronger when put through stimulating activities like trampoline jumps. On the flip side, bones become weaker due to inactivity, and a good example can be derived from Astronauts who lose up to 15% of their muscle and bone mass during space missions in zero gravity conditions. To rebuild the lost mass, NASA uses rebounding exercises which reverses osteoporosis; a condition where the body loses too much bone mass.

Trampolines provide a safe form of exercise for people suffering from joint related illnesses such as arthritis. This is because the body’s joints are not exposed to undue stress during trampoline jumps. It can also be effective for athletes and fitness enthusiasts recovering from an injury due to the low impact nature of the exercise. Furthermore, as we age, it is important to participate in activities that will strengthen the bones. Trampolines provide an excellent way to maintain bone strength as we age. If you’re interested, take a look at our comparison of the best rebounders for seniors to see what is commonly offered in mini trampolines that could benefit us as we age.

Strengthens cell function

The body’s upward and downward movement during trampoline jumps causes all the body’s cells, totaling 37 trillion, to follow suit. This is important as the cells are stimulated by the force of gravity, increasing cell energy and mitochondrial functions making them stronger. When cells are weak, it leads to mutations, which results in chronic and degenerative diseases. But a body with optimal cell functions tends to be healthy and robust. Additionally, rebounders and the lymphatic system work well together to keep your lymph system is working optimally.

Improves digestion and promotes gut health

The body’s digestive tract is made up of muscles that contract and relax during a trampoline exercise, leading to digestive peristalsis. This is a scenario where the body can more effectively absorb nutrients more easily and quickly. The nutrients provide the body with the tools it needs for self-healing and rejuvenation.

The peristalsis waves that occur in the intestines during the jumps allow the process of nutrient absorption and waste release to flow seamlessly. This prevents cases of constipation.

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Improves the body’s coordination, posture, and balance

Frequent exercises on a trampoline can improve coordination, balance, and posture as the up and down movements stimulate the inner ear canal and ocular nerves, responsible for the above-mentioned functions.

A 14-week Brazilian study discovered that trampoline exercises can improve the agility of elderly folk, helping them recover their balance in the event of a fall.

Another study done in Australia showed that rebounding can greatly improve the balance of athletes recovering from a sprained ankle injury.

People suffering from joint, neck, shoulder and back pains can find comfort in trampoline jumps, and the long-term benefits of the exercises include improved spinal alignment; which leads to a more defined upright posture.

Improves mental capacity and health

As earlier mentioned, jumping on a trampoline improves oxygen circulation in the body. This goes hand in hand with improved blood flow to all the body systems including the brain. As a result, it promotes mental alertness and sharpness.

Brain communication functions are also enhanced thanks to cross patterning activities; this is where a body movement on one side of the body is replicated on the other side. Studies have shown the activity to be helpful especially in kids when it comes to developing reading and writing skills.

Due to the enhanced blood flow, frequent rebounding can act as a natural remedy for the prevention and cure of Varicose veins. When the blood flow is enhanced, it eases the pressure that veins endure and relieves the inflammation associated with Varicose veins.

Eases pressure on feet and legs

Many exercises, such as jogging, tend to exert a lot of pressure on the feet and legs. The levels of fatigue are also higher in strenuous exercises. A trampoline provides an exercise method that is safe for your feet and legs. Furthermore, if you are so inclined, you can also jog on a trampoline for a longer period, compared to hitting the road.

Wrapping Up

A trampoline is an exercise tool that can be used by everybody; kids, teenagers, adults, and the elderly. It is one of the simplest and most effective exercises you can find and can be performed in a variety of locations such as your home (see How Much Does a Rectangle Trampoline Cost), backyard, during breaks at the office, or even when out camping. There are also mini-trampolines available on the market that you can carry wherever you go. Don’t underestimate the health benefits of trampolines and you may find your perfect exercising companion.