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Trampoline Safety Rules for Your Family

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It’s difficult to deny the fact that trampolines are fun entertainment, especially for kids. But they can be unsafe unless specific rules are followed. As a parent, as you focus on buying a quality trampoline for your backyard, make sure to put proper safety measures in place to ensure a fun and safe experience for all (see our review of the Jupa Trampoline and Enclosure). In this article, we will discuss the top safety rules that you should follow regarding trampolines.

Springboard in the yard near the house for fun and fun for children.Use an Open Space

As much as you may need to set up a trampoline in space with a shade probably from trees, this is quite dangerous. A trampoline should be set up in an open area with no trees, rocks, walls, or any object that may cause an injury. This is crucial since if a child or an adult jumps off the trampoline, he/she cannot get hit by these objects.

Choose a Soft Spot

Again, accidents are bound to happen without practicing trampoline safety. For example, a kid may jump off the trampoline and land on the ground instead of the trampoline’s mat (if an enclosure is not in place). So, to make sure they land in a safer space that will not cause severe injury or pain, choose an area with a soft ground to set up the trampoline.

A ground with sand or bark is the best for installing the trampoline. This is the best alternative if you don’t plan to install a crash mat around the trampoline. But, if you have a few extra bucks, consider getting the crash mat to spread around the trampoline area.

Please also note that we recommend using trampolines with safety enclosures to prevent jumpers from leaving the jumping area except by the designated area. Furthermore, a ladder is an excellent accessory to further enhance safety for leaving and entering the trampoline.

Do Not Exceed the Weight Limitations

Trampolines are rated with a limit to the amount of weight it can hold. It is important to ensure the weight capacity is not exceeded to reduce the chance of accidents. Depending on your model, the allowed weight capacity can vary widely. Many of the best trampolines support greater than 375 lbs., which is plenty for most jumpers.

Regular Safety Checks

It is crucial to regularly check up on the trampoline to ensure all the safety features are intact. This involves looking through all parts used in connecting the structure. Check if there are loose springs and tighten them. Check if the mat is well attached to the trampoline and for any holes. If you notice the trampoline is not leveled on the ground, ensure adjusting or changing the installation area.

Mother and daughters on a trampoline and enclosureLadders are Great for Safety

Kids are natural explorers sometimes. A ladder is used for getting in and off the trampoline, but you will still find some kids jumping off the trampoline, which is quite dangerous. So, emphasize the importance of using the ladder when climbing the trampoline and getting off it. Some kids may be able to jump off the trampoline safely, and others may miss and get hurt in the process. So let everyone use the ladder when accessing and getting off it.

Restrict Access if Adults are not Present

No kid should be allowed to use a trampoline without the parent around. If you are not around, it means that all the safety measures and checking have not been done on the trampoline, which can be quite dangerous. So, dispatch the ladder, so the kids don’t access the trampoline. Also, close all the access points.

Establish Age Requirements

Although trampolines are fun and enjoyed by many people, they are not all safe for kids (see our trampoline sizes guide for more). Some trampolines are safe for kids from the age of three, and others are only recommendable for kids from the age of 6 and above. It is important to establish an age requirement for your trampoline. Never assume that your kid will be safe jumping on the trampoline even if you are around. As long the child has not reached the recommended age, don’t allow them to jump on that trampoline.

Bare Feet

Shoes are quite distractive, and one should never wear them when jumping on a trampoline. You can easily sprain your ankle or any part of the feet if you land on the wrong side using the shoes. Besides that, shoes tend to damage the mat and can easily get torn. So, make sure people jump on the trampoline barefoot.

Don’t Jump and Drink

This is a safety tip that every adult should follow when using a trampoline. Never jump on the trampoline while drunk, as this can lead to serious injuries. You need a stable mind and a good balance so you can be able to jump on the right spot, which is impossible if you are drunk. So, avoid taking alcohol before you jump on a trampoline.


If you plan to install a trampoline in your backyard, these are the top safety tips to follow to ensure you and your kids are safe (see our picks for the safest trampolines). Choose a trampoline that will accommodate the weights of the people you intend to play on it and choose a quality model that withstands the outdoor elements.