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What is the Best Size for a Trampoline?

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Many people know how fun a trampoline can be for themselves and their families. They also love to entertain by letting other people use it. Many people put the trampoline in their backyard on a flat safe surface so that they can enjoy it in many ways. They should always practice safety with the trampoline when they are using it which means only one person should be on it at a time and children should be watched at all times when they are using it. By practicing proper safety measures, they will have plenty of time to enjoy the trampoline and have a great time while they are doing so.

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The Size Of A Trampoline Is Important

People must remember that the size of the trampoline will make a difference so they should look over the following information before they decide to make a purchase. They will then be able to make an informed decision so that they are getting one that they can use in a safe manner. Remember, that larger isn’t always better. While larger trampolines provide more surface area and a spacious jumping area, they also have unique challenges such as being difficult to move (see how to move a trampoline safely). Here are the different sizes that they should be looking at according to their needs.

Primarily Intended For Children

When people are looking to purchase a trampoline, they want something that will be safe for their children to use. They also want to be there at all times to watch them (see recommended age for trampolines for more). An 8 – foot trampoline is a great choice for younger children. They will be able to enjoy it and parents will feel confident that they got something that they will be able to allow their children to use on a regular basis. It will fit in a backyard on a flat surface (don’t forget it needs to be winterized just like the big ones too) so it is not too big or too small. It’s just right for their needs.

For Use With Teens

A 10 – 12 foot-sized trampoline is great for teens. They will get a great bounce with this size and have no problem using it safely when they know all of the rules. Making sure that they are following the rules is something that the parents want to instill in them so that they are able to let their teens’ friends come over and use it too.

Grandmother, Granddaughter And Mother Bouncing On TrampolineA Good Size Trampoline For Adults To Use

Adults that are looking for the perfect size for them to use will want to look into a 14 – 16 – foot trampoline. A trampoline like this will provide an extreme bounce that people will enjoy thoroughly. They will be able to entertain their friends and family with a trampoline that is like this without having a problem (learn how to protect your grass). Following the safety rules is always necessary so that no one gets hurts. Only one person should be on it at one time so setting time limits when other people are over is something that they will want to do. If you’re interested, our review of the Happy Trampoline Galactic Xtreme details an excellent option for adult trampolines.

The Best Size For A Trampoline For Commercial Use

If a trampoline is going to be used for sports like gymnastics, the size of the trampoline should be 17 feet by 10 feet. It offers a good bounce so that people in that field will be able to use it and do well. They will also find that following good protocol will allow them to stay safe as they are using it to practice on or compete with.

Shopping For Trampolines

When shopping for trampolines, you will normally want to compare prices from different companies. Buyers can save a lot of money if purchase during a sale that is good and use any rebates that are offered. With the various companies that sell trampolines, they will find something that they will like and they can make an informed decision on whether or not to purchase one. It may be a purchase that they never regret.

Final Words

Using trampolines for entertainment provides for fun and enjoyment. People are looking into having them in your backyard so that they can use them on a regular basis. Making the most of the trampoline is what they intend to do and they really enjoy it. When they have one, they can use it just for themselves or for when they have other people over so that they can offer another element to their celebration or special event.