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What is the Most Popular Trampoline Size?

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A backyard trampoline can be great fun for the whole family – and a great way to get some exercise in the fresh air. However, before buying a trampoline, the homeowner should consider several things, and the chief among these is what size trampoline would best suit the family’s needs. Trampolines are available in a variety of sizes. Some are more suitable for the younger members of the family and some will have weight restrictions. However, there are certain standard sizes that make the choice of exactly which trampoline to purchase a little easier. Always remember that the size of the trampoline that you purchase must be a good fit for your yard. It must be able to be placed at least six feet away from any other structure, otherwise, there is a very real threat of injury should someone take a tumble from the trampoline surface.

Three girls jumping on a small trampolineThe Most Popular Size Overall

The most popular round trampoline sizes vary between eight and ten feet in diameter, like the SereneLife 8FT trampoline. These trampolines are the perfect all-rounders and are great for smaller yards. The only limitation is that this size of the trampoline is really only suitable for one person at a time. However, they are great for the younger members of the family who don’t require that much surface area.

Also, buyers (see our trampoline buyer guide for more) should be aware that these smaller sizes of trampoline tend to be closer to the ground than the larger versions – so the weight of the person using the trampoline can be an issue. If your budget will stretch that far and your yard is big enough opt for the 10-foot trampoline, especially if you have kids. The larger surface area and height make it a better long-term investment.

When You Need a Little More Trampoline

If you have the space and have more than one child you might want to consider upgrading to a 12-foot trampoline. This size has enough surface area to allow multiple kids to jump on it at the same time. This size is also ideal for young adults as the ground clearance is more generous than the eight and ten-foot trampolines.

When You Need a Lot More Trampoline

If you really want to enjoy the best round trampolines on the market then upsize to the 14 and 15-foot sizes. If you have a big enough yard you will be getting a trampoline that will accommodate more than one adult at a time. They’re also safer by virtue of their increased surface area – and allow for a far wider range of gymnastic exercises. They’re perfect for kids over the age of ten and they allow visitors to also get in on the fun with the kids. If you want to reach for the stars then you can also opt for the Grandaddy of round trampolines – the 15-footer.

Young girl is jumping on trampolineMost Popular Trampoline Sizes for High Performance

If you or your children are training and require a perfect trampoline that will make it easier to perform gymnastic routines, then a rectangular trampoline could be what you are looking for. These trampolines also generally have a higher weight rating than the round models. They also generally deliver a higher bounce and can deal with more landing force. Due to their improved performance and durability, rectangle trampolines have become more popular in recent years. It is not uncommon to find a rectangle trampoline in front or back yards.

7x10FT Rectangle Trampoline

The smaller 7x10ft rectangular trampolines are ideal for smaller yards. But, as with the smaller round models they are really only suitable for one child at a time. However, that said they can still be great fun.

8x12FT Rectangle Trampoline

If your child is in their early teens then the 8x12ft rectangle trampoline is ideal. They are big enough for junior gymnasts to practice routines – but small enough to be accommodated in a mid-sized yard. These trampolines are also ideal for use as an in-ground trampoline.

9x14FT Rectangle Trampoline

Taking it up a notch is the 9x14ft rectangular trampoline. This size can easily accommodate two older kids or even adults at a push. The extra length also makes it ideal for those who want to practice their flips.

10x17FT Rectangle Trampoline

The top of the range rectangular trampoline measures 10x17ft. This is official Olympic size and you are going to need an extremely large yard to accommodate it safely. However, be aware that this size is not suitable for toddlers, they simply lack the weight to get a really good bounce. Entry-level should be between nine and ten years old. This size trampoline allows for a full range of gymnastic exercises including multiple somersaults and more challenging exercises.


If you really want to go for broke you could move up to the 14x16ft option. This is great for a variety of games such as bounce soccer or tag, and of course, it is great for gymnastic routines.

Final Words

Whatever size and shape trampoline you buy always keep safety in mind and remember that kids should always be supervised when they are on the trampoline. A trampoline is a wonderful addition to the yard and a great way way to get some exercise or simply have some fun. Although the most popular size of trampoline is most often the 8FT – 10FT round trampolines, the best size for you will depend on the situation. If you have a smaller yard, you may be forced into the 8FT trampoline or a small rectangle trampoline. But, if you have the space and require additional surface area or higher performance, one of the larger models may be right up your alley. Regardless of the situation, there is a trampoline that suits almost anyone that wants to have healthy fun.